Dear Lake Residents:

Most, if not all of you are aware of the problems we have with the dam leaking.

As we continue to try to determine the exact cause and fix, this letter is to notify you that we will be temporarily dropping the lake down eight feet, instead of the usual six.  This will only be for a couple of days so that we may do an evaluation of where the dam is leaking.

While the water is down low, we will also conduct an inspection of the rail and plate system, as well as the gate.  These are the devices that control the water level.  No problems are anticipated, but it can’t hurt to do a close inspection.

The water will only be at the low level for about 48 hours, hopefully less.  Once the inspection is complete, we will begin to raise the level up to the usual drawdown level of 5.5 feet, plus or minus 6 inches.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has been notified as well as Smithfield and Glocester EMA Directors, and the Fire Departments both in Smithfield and Harmony.


Robert Eaton, President
Ken Robertson, Vice President
Philip Viall, Treasurer
Elizabeth Viall, Secretary
Mike Stewart, Dam Committee Member