Boating Rules for Waterman Lake

Thank you for reviewing these rules as the goal is for a fun safe boating experience.

Please adhere to all State and local boating regulations. The Lake is routinely patrolled by law enforcement personnel. It is your responsibility to know and follow all applicable boating laws and operating procedures.

Please take special notice that:

  • Power boats need to yield and give way to non-powered and sail vessels.
  • Lake pattern of travel is COUNTER-CLOCKWISE – the Driver’s right should be closest to the shoreline.
  • Maximum speed limit is 35 mph,
  • Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices are required for each person on board a vessel, and such devices must be worn by all children under 13 years of age.
  • Be sure to review the complete list of required equipment and boating knowledge at the RI DEM Boater's Education website:
  • After Dark speed limit is less than 5 miles per hour.
  • After Dark water sports including tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, etc. are not allowed.
  • All boats must have the proper illumination at night. Red and green bow sidelights and one white stern navigation light are required for all vessels.
  • You must have a designated spotter over 12 years of ago who is not the boat driver when pulling tubes, water skiers, wakeboarders, etc,
  • Anyone born after January 1, 1986 must have a Boating Education Certificate to operate a vessel with over 10 horsepower. S/he should have this certificate with them on the vessel .
  • Anyone operating a Personal Water Craft (PWC), regardless of age, must pass an approved boating safety course. You can find more information about courses at
  • PWCs must be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner at all times. For example, it is illegal to:
    • Jump the wake of another vessel unnecessarily close to the other vessel.
    • Follow closely behind other boaters, especially those pulling anything or anyone!
    • Weave your PWC through congested traffic, within 200 feet of a swimmer, closer than 50 feet from a dock, and within 200 feet from shore.
  • The maximum boat size for Waterman’s Lake is 24 feet.
  • Take note of the No Sit zones indicated on the map.
  • The map notes low spots and or rocks on the lake. Lake levels vary, according to the time of year and precipitation levels.